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Alberto Ganis

Instructor & Researcher

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I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Politics Department at UCSC. I hold a Master's degree in Media Studies from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a Master's degree in Politics from UCSC.

My research interests include sub-state nationalism, regional institutions, territorial and identity politics, European comparative politics, migration, and media.


I am currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center of Regional Studies at Università di Padova. I teach Writing & Rhetoric 2 in the Writing Program and work as the Data Analysis Coordinator (GSR) for the We Belong project, P.I.s Dr. McKay & Dr. Lopez.


I am part of the CIRF - Interdepartmental Center for the Development of the Language and Culture of Friuli. 

I am also the Regional Liaison (Europe) for BESS, the Black Europe Summer School.



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